• The effect of seasonal changes on tape

    Tape is a common auxiliary material in our life, whether it is used in daily life or with special functions in industry. With the change of four seasons, the temperature also varies greatly, from the cold of -10℃ in winter to the extreme heat of 40℃ in summer. The tape is used all year round, so ...
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  • How to improve the static electricity of aluminum foil tape in use

    How to improve the static electricity of aluminum foil tape in use

    Aluminum foil tape is a kind of industrial tape, is a kind of high adhesive type uv proof ability of new external corrosion protection materials, can be used in all kinds of transformers, laptops, computers, mobile phones, LED displays, copiers and other electronic products, mainly electromagneti...
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  • Applications of aluminum foil tape

    Applications of aluminum foil tape

    Aluminum foil tape is engineered with an aggressive, pressure sensitive and long-lasting adhesive that demonstrates superior bonding when exposed to both subzero and elevated temperature. Aluminum foil tape offers wide range of adhesive to suit the need of electronic industry, refrigeration and i...
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  • How to improve the adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesive on non-residual adhesive tape

    For tapes that use PP and PET substrates, “no residue” requires high adhesion of pressure-sensitive adhesives. In order to achieve the best adhesion effect, tape manufacturers can consider the use of PP,PET film corona treatment, and then on the basis of corona in PP,PET film surface ...
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  • The domestic adhesive tape market has a large development space

    Recently, the reporter understands when attending the 15th China adhesive and adhesive belt industry annual meeting, the adhesive belt that our country medical treatment uses at present 90% above relies on import. Electronic adhesive tape has more than 60% rely on imports, experts inside the cour...
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  • The installation of the heating chimney of the honeycomb coal stove is critical_use aluminum foil tape to ensure safety

    In our previous program, we looked at the safety precautions of using a honeycomb coal stove for winter heating. In the interview, the sale merchant of coal stove also pointed out a few points in the use of coal stove procurement to the citizens. One of the most critical links is the installation...
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